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3D Printed Products with Massive Sales/Profit

For a 3D printing company, it can be hard narrowing down what route to take one’s business. Do you get into custom-printed jewelry? What about architecture modeling? All have their pros and cons and they’re not all as lucrative as you might think.

Starting a 3D printing company requires careful planning and a lot of insider knowledge. You can’t just dive in feet first and expect to sell out of an obscure product just because it’s 3D printed. As the medium becomes more mainstream, you’re going to have more competition. You have to stand out from the crowd – and that means knowing where to invest your time and attention.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the best 3D printed products with the most potential for a great return on investment.

Nerf gun accessories

Nerf guns are no longer just a child’s toy, they’re growing a massive hobbyist following. All you have to do is search eBay for “3D printed nerf” to turn up a swath of fun, aftermarket mods. The best part? Most of these mods are fairly simple prints.

For instance, a generic silencer uses around 50g of filament (at most) and can sell for up to $34 USD. That’s a massive return on investment.

A business like this one would be incredibly easy to set up. Many of the designs for generic mods are already available online for free and the prints are generally simple. The prints are also fast with little to no post-print processing.

That said, because it is so easy, you’ll likely have a time trying to carve yourself a niche in the market. You’ll have to offer something new and interesting to be able to survive the crush.

Modeling architecture

You have two routes for this one: a service business or an eCommerce business. As a service business, you could offer custom quotes for professional architects to display projects in 3D and custom print the props.

As an eCommerce business, you could build a range of buildings of various sizes and architects would be able to assemble their own project from the pieces. Obviously, the building in question would have to be printed custom but the setting would be able to be assembled from more generic stock.

Of course, you could offer a hybrid of the two models and run an eCommerce store while offering bespoke services on the side.

This is a rapidly expanding area of 3D printing that sees a lot of repeat trade. That said, you do have to have some design experience to take full advantage of the niche.

Movie-grade props

This could be a massive ticket for a 3D printing company. Hyper-realistic props are widely sought after by fans of different franchises. Of course, you’d have to look into the legalities of selling these items as most will be under copyright but private collectors are often willing to pay good money for replicas of their favorite tech.

This is often an area you can leech some high-ticket, big sale price items. They’ll often advertise for you as well, as movie props tend to go viral fairly fast. That said, to finish the items professionally would require a lot of work and if you’re not careful you could end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Ornaments and jewelry

With the ability to employ extreme high-resolution techniques and the increased affordability of photopolymer-based resin 3D printers, you’re able to craft bespoke jewelry from lost wax casting.

In a nutshell, you might design a ring, for example, and print it using a UV light-curing photopolymer wax. That wax is then used to design a cast mold that you can fill with molten metal to create your piece.

This isn’t the easiest ticket on this list, but if you’re talented and creative enough, selling your own line of high-end jewelry could be an incredibly successful business.

To succeed at this, you need to target a specific niche and tailor your products to that audience. Specializing in designs and materials that appeal will put you on the map but you have to work at it.

Designer planters

Plant parents are voracious when it comes to the aesthetic of their collections. Designing custom planters is, therefore, a potentially lucrative market for a 3D printing company.

The trick here is to lock down your niche. Are you going to sell high-end, designer planters or more catchy fun ones? Perhaps you could combine a love of pop culture and planters and go the route of the Bulbasaur succulent planter?

This route is an incredibly easy one to take, but as mentioned before, that’ll mean you have a lot of competition. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and give yourself a unique selling position and you’ll be golden.

Custom PC cases

This is more toward the high-end side of the scale but some individuals will pay serious cash for one-off (or limited run) custom PC cases. Whether you opt for a Star Destroyer or a luxury-car-inspired case, you just have to ensure you price your work for these ones accordingly. They’re complex and difficult, but that also means they can be incredibly lucrative.

People also take their rigs very seriously, so you’re likely to get a lot of attention on social media for items like this. It can make advertising much simpler than a typical product.

Just make sure you’re on the right side of the law when designing your case – you don’t want to end up at the tail end of a Disney lawsuit.

Bespoke earbuds

Everyone has different shaped ears. If you wear one-size-fits-all earphones, odds are they’re not as sound-insulated or comfortable as they could be. This is where 3D printing comes in.

There are a handful of businesses offering this service already, which proves the viability of the idea. Essentially, a customer is able to “scan” the inside of their ear using a phone 3D scan app. Using the data collected, you’re then able to design and custom-print earbuds that fit inside your buyer’s ears perfectly.

The earphone section of the product would be bought separately so you can package the custom buds as a holistic product. This enables you to sell a high-end quality item with the bespoke size benefit.

The materials used for this idea are next to nothing, so your unit costs would be negligible once you’ve paid for your setup expenses. Offering different styles and colors could be an option to set you apart from the competition, as well.

Mobile cases

Mobile phones are a part of everyday life now. Users will often go to extreme lengths to ensure their phones are kept safe, and this includes the use of mobile phone cases and covers. That said, the options on the market tend to be limited. They’re not always attractive and tend to obscure the beauty of the phone itself. This is where 3D printing comes in.

With 3D printing, a company could design customized mobile cases with unlimited designs. You could go two routes with this idea – either custom make cases for your individual clients or set up an eCommerce store to display and sell mass-produced wares.

This idea is a particularly marketable one. Mobile phone cases have topped the charts for fashionable accessories for years. Apart from the practical benefits, many use them as an outlet to display their personal style.

Customized prosthetics

Prosthetics are based on the specific shapes, sizes, and requirements of individuals. Unfortunately, access to specialty prosthetics isn’t cheap – but it can be more accessible with 3D printing.

3D printed prosthetics are booming right now. They’re far cheaper to make than traditional prosthetics and the design limitations are few and far between. Due to the nature of the design, they’re also more easily customized, making them more comfortable for the user.

If you want to make money 3D printing prosthetics, you’ll have to go the service route. There’s little point in mass-producing products that won’t fit the end-user properly.

Fake nails

Fake nails are a booming industry worldwide. Reusable, they’re able to be glued to the wearer’s nails for the desired look.

Using 3D printing techniques, you can create unique and stylish fake nails. More textures, finishes, and colors are available, offering the end-user more options in terms of style. Further, you can virtually eliminate a major issue of the fake nail industry: sizing. It’s very hard to find the perfect fitting fake nail, but with 3D printing, you’ll be able to design it to the user’s specifications.

Get your 3D printing company off the ground

3D printing is much like any other industry – it has its hurdles and its rewards. Not every 3D marketing idea is going to suit your business strategy, but there are some ideas that’ll get you off the ground easier than others.

Now you have a list of different 3D printing ideas to get your business brain ticking.

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